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Thoughtful, Reasoned, Compassionate, Experienced Family Law Attorneys and Estate Planners

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About Us

Littenberg-Pettine LLP is the successor to Wilson & Pettine LLP that has served the Santa Barbara community for over 35 years as premiere Family Law Lawyers and Advisors, as well as Estate Planning, Trust & Estates, and Guardianships & Conservatorships.  Many family lawyers promote aggressive and relentless representation. 


Littenberg-Pettine believes in a thoughtful, reasoned, compassionate approach, yet as experienced family law litigators have the skill and experience to address any approach that our clients are faced with. Both family law issues and estate planning have the power to change your life. 


After initially practicing in Los Angeles, Paul A. Pettine III joined forces with his former partner Rachel Lindenbaum Wilson in 1993, later forming Wilson & Pettine, LLP in 1998.  With his decades of family law trial experience, Mr. Pettine often volunteers as a Settlement Master for the Santa Barbara Superior Court for family law matters.

David S. Littenberg was a long-time senior associate of Wilson & Pettine.  Prior to joining Wilson & Pettine, Mr. Littenberg used his legal training as a businessman.  His business knowledge and experience brings a unique perspective to many of the firm’s family law and estate planning matters.  Upon the retirement of Ms. Wilson, Littenberg-Pettine LLP was formed. 

The attorneys at Littenberg-Pettine have earned a reputation with their clients for providing dedicated, professional, and highly ethical services.  When you need attorneys that understand your issues in an understanding and thoughtful manner and will be there for you when you need them the most, then the attorneys at Littenberg-Pettine LLP are the attorneys for you.


Paul A Pettine, III
Paul A. Pettine, III
David S. Littenberg

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